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Advanced Mechanical Testing

At our disposal are four servo-hydraulic test frames that make it possible to perform fracture mechanics testing.

Fatigue testing of materials can be performed under both load control and strain control conditions. All samples can be expertly prepared in our machine shop.


We have the mechanical and metallurgical talent available to expertly conduct product testing, designing tests that accurately simulate the product environment.

Routine Mechanical Testing

Anderson & Associates can machine and conduct all basic mechanical tests, from tensile testing to Charpy V-notch impact testing. Virtually any test required to ensure material integrity can be performed at our facility.

API Specific Testing

5L, 5CT, 5ST, 5CRA, …

Tensile Testing

Up to 120,000lb capacity tensile testing.  We can machine and test standard and sub-size tensile specimens per ASTM A370 and E8.  Our 100,000lb servo-hydraulic frame is equipped for high (up to 600°F) and low (cryogenic) temperature testing.  We can also utilize a camera system to measure the diameter of the test specimen in real time throughout the test to provide true stress-true strain tensile results. 

Tensile testing.jpg
Impact testing.jpg
Impact Testing

300 ft-lb Charpy V-Notch Impact tester used to conduct impact testing per ASTM E23.

J-R Fracture Toughness Testing

Single specimen, multi-ramp, compact tension (CT) specimen testing for J-R curve and JIC determination per ASTM E1820.  We are also capable of performing T0 reference temperature determinations for master curve transition temperature projections per ASTM E1921.

CTOD Testing

Single edge bend (SEB) and compact tension (CT) test specimen configurations per ASTM E1820 and ISO 12135/15653.

Fatigue Testing

Paris Law coefficient da/dN determinations per ASTM E647


Reference temperature determination for master-curve based transition temperature projections per ASTM E-1921

Misc Testing.jpg
Miscellaneous Testing

Please contact us for any other types of mechanical testing required and we will be happy to assist.

In-House Machine Shop

Our in-house machine shop provides quick, accurate and traceable sample preparation. Four band saws are used for cutting down large metal samples. Four mills and multiple grinders are used daily in the production of test specimens. Our lathes are dedicated to the production of tensile specimens.

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