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Visual Examination & Photography

Visual examination and photography are important parts of any failure analysis investigation. They are also important facets of most third-party investigations where our laboratory is used as an independent examination site. Large, spacious examination rooms with photography, microscopy and measurement capability.

Keyence Digital Microscope

Optical microscope that allows for direct observation, digital image capture and measurements. Supports real-time 2D & 3D measurements, imaging and analysis. Microscope is self-contained to allow for mobile transport to remote locations.

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Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) allow high magnification examination of objects such as fracture surfaces up to 100,000 times with resolution capability of atomic resolution. Our low vacuum chambers allow examination of even biological samples. The ultra-thin film windows in our Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometers (EDSs) allow semi-quantitative analysis of elements from atomic number 6 (carbon) to 92 (Uranium).


Our metallography facilities include both automated and manual polishing techniques. Samples can be examined as cut or prepared in various size mounts. Two separate metallographs are available for microscopic examination and photomicrography. Four microhardness testers are available, allowing both Knoop and Vickers scale testing.

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Mechanical Testing

Our testing lab includes the standard material tests such as tensile, compression, bend, impact, hardness.

Advanced Material Testing

Four servo-hydraulic load frames and electronic controllers allow for virtually all types of fracture mechanics tests. True Stress-True Strain tensile testing at temperatures from 0 to 600°F. Fracture mechanics testing, J-R & CTOD are routinely restored at various temperatures. In addition, this equipment is often adapted to life-cycle tests to simulate a full lifetime of use for consumer or industrial products.

Sample Prep

Diamond cut-off wheels, grinders and sputter coaters are a few of the many types of specialty equipment we use to prepare samples for electron microscopy, metallography or other tests.

In - House Machine Shop

Our in-house machine shop provides quick, accurate and traceable sample preparation. Four band saws are used for cutting down large metal samples. Four mills and multiple grinders are used daily in the production of test specimens. Our lathes are dedicated to the production of tensile specimens.

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Material Handling

Our facility has a forklift with capabilities up to 4,000lbs. We offer crane lifting for larger, heavier materials when needed.

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